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Carlos will teaching a 4-week series of Beginning group lessons starting January 4, 2017, on Wednesday nights before the Bohemian Rhapsody Milonga in Fremont.


Carlos DJed at Milonga Cachirulo on December 16.

Carlos performed with Juliet McMains at the Piropos Argentine Tango Showcase. Here is video of their performance.


Carlos lives in Seattle, WA. He is available for group and private tango lessons, workshops, DJing, performing, lectures, and bandoneon performance.

Carlos can be heard DJing regularly in the Seattle area. Regular gigs include: China Harbor, Century Ballroom, Milonga Cachirulo, and the Seattle Tango Marathon.

Carlos plays bandoneon in Orquesta Sin Trabajo, a Boston-based tango orchestra. Find them on Facebook! They have played most recently at the Moonlight in Vermont Tango Weekend in Brandon, VT. Previously, they gave a concert in Cambridge, MA, and did a tour of New England, playing at Amherst College and in Hartford, CT. They have also played at Milonga Nueva in Cambridge, MA, and at the West Coast Tango Marathon in San Diego, CA.

Carlos used to organize in bi-monthly tango jams in Boston, and he still thinks this is a great way for people to get their feet wet with playing tango music. Visit the Boston Tango Jam website to sign up for tango jams and to download sheet music and MP3s for practicing.

Photos above by Teresa Tam and Marty Katz. Copyright 2009.

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